The Stinky Dog Story

I grew up with dogs and pets all my life.  Big ones, small ones, short coat ones, long coat ones, pedigrees, cross breeds, ‘what the…breed is that?’ ones.  One thing in common was that we adored our fur family members, sometimes more than each other.  They were our comforters, the ones who never judged us, got angry with us or made us feel bad about ourselves.  They gave us continuous warm hugs, wet sloppy kisses and played with us when everyone was too busy.  We never felt lonely with our fur siblings. 

Fast forward a few years and I was blessed to adopt a Pugalier, Leo.  A Pug-Cavalier cross meant that he was a hoot!  Quirky and funny but extremely affectionate and sweet.  We instantly fell in love.  Like me, he was a ‘cuddler’ and wanted to be in my arms all day. Except there was one small problem, he was STINKY!  Sadly, the man of my dreams had a serious B.O. problem and one I couldn’t fix with a daily squirt of deodorant.  Thankfully he adored bath time and would run around in circles with excitement as soon as I would utter the ‘b’ word.  Once in the bath, it wasn’t unusual to have to give him a couple of waking prods as the warm water would lull him to sleep.  Bath time was our special bonding time. 

Over time, I tried practically every product to help with his stinky problem but after a couple of days, the smell would be back. I even had him regularly checked by the Vet in case he had a medical condition but sadly no.  In the Vet's exact words 'he's just got a naturally stinky odour'.  Whilst Pugs are more prone to odour, I still wanted a grooming range that would keep him fresher for longer. Since one didn't exist, I teamed up with my family who were already established in the natural personal care/wellness industry.  Together we curated a professionally formulated natural pet grooming range suitable for the delicate nature of pets' skin.  As Leo was affectionately known as our ‘stinky boy’, Stinky Dog Australia was born. 

Sadly, at the ripe age of 14, we lost our beloved Leo.  However, we continue to operate  Stinky Dog in honour of his legacy and memory.  Today we further strengthen Leo’s legacy by donating our products and part of our proceeds to animals in need.

Founder, Stinky Dog Australia

 Our beautiful Pugalier, Leo

Our beloved Pugalier, Leo