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VALUE BUNDLE - Big Stinker
VALUE BUNDLE - Big Stinker
VALUE BUNDLE - Big Stinker
VALUE BUNDLE - Big Stinker

VALUE BUNDLE - Big Stinker

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This one goes out to all the big boned floofs or big stinkers out there! PLUS, for a limited time only, receive a FREE 150g bag of Pawfect Treats 100% Australian Beef Liver Treats valued at $14.95!

This pack is suitable for:

  • Large, oodle or double coated breeds 
  • Dogs who are naturally more odourous or who spend more time outdoors
  • If you like a longer lasting and fresher scent on your dog


    • Cleaning & Refreshing Extra Strength Pet Shampoo 250mL
    • Cleaning & Refreshing Pet Conditioner 250mL and
    • Cleaning & Refreshing Deodorising Spray 125mL
    • Care & Protect Kennel & Bedding Wash 250mL
    • Care & Protect Natural Mouthwash Spray 60mL
    • Stinky Dog Lick Mat in your choice of colour (lilac, blue, pink, aqua)
    • FREE tennis ball
    • FREE 150g bag of 100% Australian beef liver treats (limited time only!)

Key highlights of this pack:

  • Our Extra Strength Shampoo and Conditioner are absolute game changers in the grooming game when it comes to refreshing, hydrating and sanitising your dog's coat. With odour neutralising essential oils this duo is a powerhouse! Use the Deodorising Spray between baths to keep your dog smelling fresher for longer.
  • Get into the habit of cleaning your dog's sleeping environment each time you bathe them to keep them fresher. Each 30mL of our Kennel & Bedding Wash creates 1L (that's approx. 8L in total) of cleaning spray for your dog's crate or kennel plus you can use it to launder their bedding, walk gear and clothing. Our customers LOOOOVE the scent and the essential oils provide sanitising and insect repelling properties.
  • Freshen your dog's breath and help prevent decay by reducing plaque causing bacteria with our Natural Mouthwash Spray. Made with 100% natural ingredients and great for eradicating that fishy breath.
  • It is not uncommon for your pet to dread bath time and often you will see them run, hide and tremble with fear! That's where the distracting benefits of our food-grade silicone Stinky Dog Lick Mat come in. Load it up with your dog's favourite treat  and the distraction will help reduce their anxiety.  Licking is also a well known soothing behaviour. Don't forget to pick your favourite colour from; blue, pink, lilac and aqua.

Our Products Are:

  • Made with natural Australian essential oils
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben and dye free
  • Made in Australia and
  • Have recyclable packaging

PLUS, there's more to this delightful gift...A portion of the proceeds from this pack go towards animal charities and rescues that that help assist animals in need. So whether you're gifting a loved one or yourself, you’re also changing the life of a furry friend. That’s pretty awesome!  And so we are very grateful of you for choosing a Stinky Dog gift, thank you.

Made in loving memory of Leo and for furry friends in need.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love it

I gave my little puppy and shower and i love 💓 it, his coat was so shiny and soft.

Ren Irvine
Thoughtful Gift

I gifted this Collection to my Aunt who has a very needy and stinky dog Lulu 🐕 Iam not sure who loved it more.... her or the dog!