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Stinky Dog | Lick Mat - 4 Colours Available
Stinky Dog | Lick Mat - 4 Colours Available
Stinky Dog | Lick Mat - 4 Colours Available
Stinky Dog | Lick Mat - 4 Colours Available

Stinky Dog | Lick Mat - 4 Colours Available

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Help Soothe Your Pet's Bath Time Anxiety

It is not uncommon for your pet to dread bath time and often you will see them run, hide and tremble with fear!  Help is now at hand with this specially designed food-grade silicone lick mat which adheres to your bathtub or shower screen. Load it up with your dog's favourite treat and the distraction will help reduce their anxiety.  Licking is also a well known soothing behaviour. 

Top the mat with treats such as peanut butter, fruit puree or a very low fat plain yogurt (i.e. Chobani). If you want to make it extra challenging, loads the treats on the mat and then place it in the freezer for a couple of hours.


  • The underside of the Bath Buddy Lick Mat is fully covered with suction pads so you can attach it to your shower tiles or bath and keep your pet distracted while you wash them  
  • It's made from food grade silicone which feels soft on your pet's tongue, is resistant to their biting and is dishwasher safe
  • The lick mat can also be used as a slow food plate to effectively extend your pet's eating time.

Material: silicone

Color: aqua, blue, lilac and pink

Size: 18.5cm x 15.5cm x 1cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
LC CJ Sisters
Great lick mats

Fantastic product and quality.
My dogs love their new lick mats

Pauline Cash
Best bath time experience EVER

Our little 11 month old Westie puppy has absolutely hated every bath to date - until tonight! My husband was at his wits end and found the bath time experience so upsetting & traumatising for our little pet (and him) so unpleasant that he was ready to pay a groomer to bathe our little puppy ongoing. I had read on a Westie Facebook group page another Westie owner who had bought your “Bath Buddy Lick Matt” with great success so I decided to purchase this as a last resort. What a fabulous product! Loaded with peanut butter & squished banana my little boy so enjoyed eating his treats from the Sticky mat & was totally oblivious to the bathing going on. It was simply amazing the transformation in him during the bathing process. My husband is a total convert now & we could not believe the change in our puppies attitude to having a bath! We are so grateful to find this product & to have a happy puppy who coped with what was previously a torrid experience was just such a relief for us all. Can highly recommend & are very thankful to have found your product when we were ready to give up!


Product was of high quality and suctions really well.

Perfect bath time distraction!

My puppy doesn’t like baths, but is nicely distracted by this! Suction is good and keeps it in place.

Claire F
Amazing distraction technique!

Such a helpful and handy tool to get us through bath time, brushing or just for fun!